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Old Town Hall Details

The Old Town Hall dates back to 1338. It is not a single structure but a conglomerate of buildings. Buildings of different colors and shapes and architectural styles became part of the Town Hall and its history. It is an expansion that grew by the absorption of nearby structures. Some felt it grew too large. The departing Nazis reduced to rubble one side of the Old Town Hall in 1945. No one chose to replace it. It seemed nobody missed it.The Old Town Hall is Gothic and Renaissance. The Tower with its popular Astronomical Clock hails from 1364. It was tacked on to the once private home of Volfin of Kamen, absorbed by the Old Town Hall. The House at the Minute, the arcade building comprising the corner with its façade of Renaissance sgraffito, is a former home of Frank Kafka. The Gothic door is by Matthias Rejsek while the Entrance Hall boasts mosaics based on a design by Mikuláš Aleš. The building contains a five-sided Oriel Chapel. The current stained glass windows are replacements for those destroyed during WWII.

Address: Staromstské námstí 1/3, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 236 002 629