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Romanesque architecture is rarer in Prague than Baroque. Many buildings, churches, palaces and house, begin in the style of Romanesque and quickly move with the architectural preferences of the time, becoming Gothic then Baroque. The Palace of the Lords of Kunštat and Podbrady is no exception in many ways. In the 15th century, the palace became larger and undertook the Gothic look. Yet, the Palace of the Lords, still managed to retain an impressive number of Romanesque features.The Palace of Lords was the seat of the governor and future Czech king, Jii of Podbrady. He occupied the structure during its Gothic years. If you wish to see the original Gothic ground floor, you must descend into the basement. The ground level of the streets rose during the years after construction. This was to prevent flooding. As a result, the basement of the Palace of the Lords remains preserved in the early Romanesque style. Three rooms are virtually intact. Explore them when you come to check out the museum. The palace contains a historical exhibit devoted to the only Hussite King of Bohemia George of Podbrady.

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