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Having invested heavily over the last few years in many aspects of Central Europe's food industry, Tesco is now the British food retailer that is certainly gaining momentum in the Czech Republic. This is the company's flagship Prague store and it is located right in the middle of town. Tesco sells a wide range of produce and much of it comes from its local Czech suppliers. Indeed, the quality of the food they offer is often more impressive than what's available back home in the UK!The Tesco department store stays open late during the week and also on Sunday. Once you get wind of all the things they have to offer at Tesco, you might not be able to stay away. In fact, Prague's biggest city center department store sells a large selection of food, clothes and hardware for any and all of your needs. Tesco has excellent fresh foods, baked goods and fresh meat and poultry. They also have a large selection of fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and non-perishables. Finally, don't miss out on the diet, frozen and non-alcoholic soft drinks that are available here. Tesco has everything you could imagine. Next time you are looking for a good place to stock the pantry, think about Tesco.

Address: MY, Národní 63/26, 113 89 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 222 815 111