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The Jaroslav Memorial or the Blue Room Details

In the 1920's and 1930's, one man was at the forefront of the Czech avant-garde movement. He wrote anti-fascist dramas, plays and satires for the Liberated Theater. He also composed jazz compositions, as a member of the Osvobozene divadlo Ensemble. The man is Jaroslav Jezek. He lived from 1906 to 1942. The Blue Room is his memorial and his museum.The Blue Room is the work of architect Frantisek Zelenka. He designed this at the request of Jezek. It is a blue room. Jezek had serious eye problems. He was going blind. The only color he saw clearly was the color blue. It soothed his eyes and relaxed him. Jezek was so pleased he composed a song about this room. Fittingly enough, he called the composition Dark Blue World. Today, you can visit the Blue Room. Here, you can see his record collection. His personal piano is also part of the exhibit.

Address: Jaroslav Ježek Memorial, Kaprova 10, Praha 1, Czech Republic