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Troja Palace Details

The ideal of owning a Summer Palace is appealing to many, a step up from having a cottage. In the late 17th century, Jean-Baptiste Mathey designed the Summer Palace of Troja for Count Václac V. Šternberg. The location chosen was the foothills of the Vltava Heights. The design selected is not Baroque. Instead, the designer opted for a Classical Italianate Villa. The exterior clearly demonstrates this style, although the formal gardens, also by Mathey, are Baroque French the first of this kind in Bohemia.The Palace took shape between 1685 and 1703, although flourishes appeared during the 18th century. The workers finished the sweeping horse-shoe-shaped staircase in 1703. The Oriental murals in the Chinese Room date from the 18th century. The Grand Hall features a fresco stretching from the ceiling to the floor. It reached completion by 1697. The work is by Abraham Godyn. It is a depiction of the Hapsburg Emperor and the victories of Leopold I over the Ottoman Empire. The Garden is a French formal garden. In fact, the interior took some 20 years to finish. Wander through the gardens or head to the wine cellars to find out the history of winemaking in the region.

Address: Trojská 744/171a, 171 00 Praha 7-Troja, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 238 850 486