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Vysehrad Cemetery Details

There are two famous cemeteries in Prague. They are the Old Jewish Cemetery and the Vyšehrad Cemetery. The former is the burying place for illustrious Jewish citizens of Prague. The latter is the final resting place of many Czech artists, composers, intellectuals and writers.Vysehrad Cemetery opened in 1869. You enter through a front gate. Before you enter, be sure to pick up a map. It will guide you to the graves and memorials of some of the countrys most famous individuals. Along its northern and western sides runs an elegant, neo-Renaissance arcade. In the center of the cemetery is a tribute to all of the countrys heroes. It is the Slavin Monument (1894). The designer was Antonin Wiehl. It contains around 50 of the countrys greatest artists. These include Alfons Mucha, painter, Josef Vaclav Myslbek, sculptor and Josef Gočár, architect. Elsewhere, among the other 600 graves, you will discover the markers and memorials to the two composers, Antonin Dvorak and Bedrich Smetana and the writers Karel apek, Jan Neruda and Božena Nmcová. The tombstones and markers are, themselves, artwork.

Address: K Rotund, Vyšehrad, Praha 2, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 274 774 835