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Bohemia is country comprised of several divisions: Central, East, North, South and West. Visitors staying in Bohemia hotels can explore Prague in Central Bohemia or Karlovy Vary in the West. The hotels in Bohemia offer visitors a chance to explore a large country with hot springs, fairy tale castles and mountain ranges. can help you find the ideal accommodation including, if you are on a budget, Bohemia cheap hotels and discount hotels. Bohemia is then a possibility for more than a weekend. Bohemia, in fact, deserves at least a week of your explorations.Travelers to Bohemia can explore a countryside of hills and mountains where villages have an Austrian or Bavarian character. There are carp ponds and trails for cyclists and hikers. You can visit the very busy metropolis of Prague or the factory towns in Eastern Bohemia. You can go swimming, skiing or sight seeing in the Brounvltills or visit the Karlstein Castle with its Chapel of the Holy Rood. Teregin in the North is the former Theriesenstadt. It has both a Lesser and a Main Fortress. You can also visit the hot springs and the Golden Museum of Karlovy Vary in the West.