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If you’re outdoorsman and interested in visiting Karlovarský Kraj, you’ll find lots of wonderful places to go. The Slavkosvky Nature Reserve holds numerous natural sites such as geysers and lush forests. For a restful weekend, the Karlovarský Kraj countryside is without peer having been kept unspoiled. When you stay in one of the Karlovarský Kraj hotels, you’re bound to be close to one of the hundreds of natural spas in the region like Mariánské Lázně or Františkovy Lázně. The hotels in Karlovarský Kraj are also convenient to many of the ancient architectural sites like Špalíček and the 800 year old Teplá Monastery.You can stay in one of the Karlovarský Kraj cheap hotels and enjoy the area in style and comfort. When needing discount hotels, Karlovarský Kraj is a great place offering a wide range of accommodations. Karlovarský Kraj is an interesting place to visit with a number of castles and chateaux including Loket, Bečov, Chyše, Valeč, Vildštejn and Andělská Hora among many others. You can book your hotel on