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Ústecký Kraj is part of the Usti region and sits on the Elbe River. Visitors to Ústecký Kraj hotels can use this as a starting point for visits to nearby Saxony or the Bohemia Region. If you decide to do this, stay longer than a weekend. Ústecký Kraj has its own sights for you to see as you leave hotels. In Ústecký Kraj, you can find ancient churches, elegant chateaux and beautiful rivers. A must see is the Schloss Dux or Duchov Castle. Some tourists save up their money in order to visit it, spending nights in Ústecký Kraj cheap hotels to afford it. Check with for discount hotels. Ústecký Kraj can then accommodate your budget.The Schloss Dux is a pilgrimage for those who love classical music and philosophy. Casanova remained there for the rest of his life writing his memoirs. The owner, Count Waldstein entertained musicians, philosophers and Tzars, including Beethoven, Goethe, Haydn and Mozart. Anotehr option, however, is the Augustinan Monastery complex in Roudnice nad Labem or the 3-story, four winged 17th century Italianate Chateau complete with Bell tower.