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At the foot of the Ore Mountains, you will find Duchcov. Duchcov is a small town located in the district of Teplice, and located around 7 km from the city of Teplice. This is the town where the memorable Casanova lived for the last 13 years he was alive. He also wrote his memoirs here, in Duchcov Castle. He was the librarian for and friend of Count Waldstejn in the castle. Today, you can visit Duchcov Castle and see many Cansanova related displays, including where Casanova wrote, lived, the chair where he died, and even a wax figure of him for realism.Duchov is known for its cultural offerings, including music and scuplture, but it is the castle that has the most interesting offerings. There are many exhibitions, including Baroque paintings, sculptures, and antique furniture. Duchov is a rather quiet little town, and not really on the tourist track, as it were. But, it is a lovely place to spend some time and drink in the atmosphere of the castle and its surroundings. Teplice is well known for its thermal springs. Restaurant meals are healthful, as would befit a spa town. Great care is taken to serve only the freshest and finest foods to tourists and locals alike. Discount Teplice Dechov hotels are easy to locate by using the services of We can aid you in finding Duchov Teplice hotels at a great price whenever you plan to holiday in this area.