Hotels in Teplice

Teplice Details

Discount hotels in Teplice, Czech Republic, provide holidaymakers with the perfect launch point for tours of the Teplice District and its many historic and natural attractions. Teplice is located along the banks of the Bílina river near the separation of the Ore Mountains and the Czech Central Mountains. This notable spa town is a major tourist attraction and has been since the middle ages.Hotels in Teplice are conveniently located to provide visitors with an opportunity to take in all the sights that have put this city on the map for centuries. Teplice Spa is the citys most famed attraction. Its thermal springs were first discovered in the 700s and have been visited for medicinal purposes ever since. Other attractions that draw holidaymakers to Teplice include the North bohemia Philharmonic, the botanical garden and the Ore Theater. The Regional Museum in Teplice is also a stop worth making. Located within Teplice Castle, the museum contains permanent exhibits dedicated to the arts, architecture, history, animals and geology that make this region so special. It boasts more nearly two million individual pieces.