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Tebo is a small district and town in the Czech Republics region of South Bohemia. It was founded around the middle of the 12th century and its historical center has remained almost unchanged since that time period. Indeed, tourism in Tebo is heavily based on the wealth of historical monuments that the town offers; Tebo attractions are so well maintained and historically significant that the town has become a protected urban reserve. Many tourists spend a weekend in this area for its healing spa establishments; mud treatments and other techniques are suggested not only for people who are suffering from some kind of pathology, but also for those who simply need to feel revitalized. Other sights are a Renaissance castle, nearby parks and Svt Lake. The area around the main town is so rich in natural beauty, including forests, swamps and canals that UNESCO has declared it an important protected natural reserve. Even locally, the presence of so many beautiful bodies of water has earned Tebo the name of City of Lakes. If youre not crazy about historical sightseeing and youre looking for things to do, not to worry; there are a number of outdoor sports you can enjoy, such as mountain biking. The lakes also offer very good fishing, which has become a staple of the culture.