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The town of Trebon is known throughout Czech Republic as a premier spa destination as well as their fine Regent Brewery. Most of the hotels in Trebon were built specifically for the purpose of catering the tourists for a spa weekend. Trebon also has age old structures that you will immediately notice. Among them is the Tower of the Town Hall. The tower is also used by some tourist in order to locate the Church of St. Giles. The Renaissance Chateau is also worth a visit as this small castle is connected to a library and the old Augustinian Monastery. When youre staying in one of the Trebon hotels, make sure you request that you became part of the group to visit the Regent Brewery. Most of the hotels will go an extra mile to get you that reservation for a tour. The Trebon cheap hotels also have tours that will also take you to the important places of the village as well as the best spots to dine and relax. Go to to be guaranteed of some of the discount hotels. Trebon can be a magical place if you make sure you have the best deals.