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Trutnov is located in the North of the Czech Republic and not too far from the Polish border. It is in the Hradec Kralove region of the country and is surrounded by the Krkonose mountains. The highest peak within this range reaches 1,602 meters above sea level. The town and regions history dates back to centuries ago and Trutnov first appeared in documentation from the year 1301. There is a good choice of hotels in Trutnov and will be able to help with this.Whilst in one of the Trutnov hotels, you may wish to take advantage of the fact that there are plenty of winter and summer sport activities that are connected to the nearby mountains. Trutnov itself offers plenty of attractions. You may choose to visit the Municipal Art Gallery, which is in Trutnov. There are a number of museums which are dedicated to the turbulent and rather war torn history of the town and the region. For example, the Museum of the Krknose Piedmont in Trutnov or the Capek Brothers Museum. There is also a Gallery of Ancient art which is situated within a Franciscan Monastery in Hostinne. Whilst in this region, you will also notice magnificent Baroque Castles. You should not have any difficulty in locating good discount hotels for your stay in this very historical part of the Czech Republic.