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    What beer lover has not, at some time, enjoyed a glass of Denmarks world famous beer If you are planning a trip to Denmark, you can learn the story behind the legendary brew. American and Canadian visitors might have nostalgic memories of those long gone TV ads in which Denmarks prize beer was first pitched to North American drinkers by the president of the company himself.The actual brewery itself is no longer open to tourists. Instead, there is an exhibition in an old brew house that dates back to 1906. There you can see the worlds largest collection of beer bottles, with samples from around the world. You will learn the fascinating history of beer making both in Denmark and elsewhere. Among the great stories are those concerning King Christian IVs legendary drinking bouts. Videos, photos and diagrams tell of the role Carlsberg has played in Danish history.

    Address: Ny Carlsberg Vej 100, 1799 Copenhagen V, Denmark

    Opened: 1847

    Phone: +45 33 27 33 00

    Founder: J. C. Jacobsen