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    The Danske Statsbaner, or Danish State Railways was formed in 1885. It is the largest train company in Denmark and in Scandinavia. The Danish State Railways runs both freight and commuter trains throughout Denmark. The S-train is the commuter rail system for the Danish State Railways. The S-train runs primarily in and around Copenhagen connecting the capital city with the surrounding suburbs and other areas.The Danish State Railway took a great step in 1935 with the opening of the Little Belt Bridge and the express train whose top speed reached 120 kilometers per hour. After World War Two, the railways company saw a devastating turn but recovered in the decades following. Today, the Danish State Railways is enjoying a great surge in popularity. In the 1990's the IC3 were introduced with new and improved designs. The Danish State Railways headquarters is located in Copenhagen where travelers can find information concerning the history of the trains and board the commuter train. The S-train is a great way to travel through this area of Denmark allowing foreign tourists a great view of the Danish countryside.