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Hovedstaden is a part of the Capital Region in Denmark. Hornbaek is a peaceful, picturesque little town in this region, and is popular with tourists and locals alike because of its coastal location and the pristine white sand beaches they find there. The beach activities are typical, and you can also rent a water cycle or go windsurfing. The marina is nearby, and a good place to take a stroll in the evenings. Boats are available for rental, should you want to go fishing. Nature lovers will appreciate the countryside and Lake Hornbaek So. Golf, tennis and horseback riding are all available in Hornbaek. There are cheap hotels in Hornbaek that pride themselves on their quality rooms and service.Hornbaek is very near to Kronborg Slot, a stunning old royal palace. Frederiksborg Slot is a distinguished old Renaissance castle, and Fredensborg Slot, which means Castle of Peace, was once the summer home of Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Visitors may want to take a day trip to Copenhagen, about a 45-minute drive. Once there, you can visit the Planetarium, Tivoli, Statens Museum, the Glyptoteket, and the Rundetarn. You will discover that the discount hotels in Hornbaek are well appointed and comfortable.