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    Out of Denmarks islands Funen is the third largest. Between the south of the Jutland peninsula and the island of Zealand, Funen offers a unique experience. Nicknamed the garden of Denmark you will find many beautiful parks and gardens every time you venture out of one of the budget hotels in Funen. Egeskov Castle can be found at the south of the island where the gardens, oil paintings and museums attract many tourists. The natural harbor, Korshavn, with its pretty view of the island Mejlø in the distance is also somewhere that many people like to take a look at.If you are interested in history, you may want to visit The Funen Village, an open air museum which shows buildings from the 18th and 19th Centuries. If relaxation is what you are looking for, you can simply visit one of the stunning beaches or spend time at one of the fantastic cheap hotels in Funen that are offered by Viking relics such as Ladby-skibet are also scattered around the island, making Funen a unique and interesting place to visit.