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Midtjylland is the region of Central Jutland, in Denmark. The regional capital is Viborg, which has been described as the heart of Jutland. Midtjylland also includes Denmarks second largest city- Arhus. The region has a number of other smaller towns and villages and Viborg really does provide an excellent base to explore the entire region. This area is packed full of history and most of the towns that you will travel through will seem as though they have come straight off the pages of a story book. Wherever you choose to stay in Midtjylland, There are plenty of reasons to visit Midtjylland, with attractions to suit everybody. Viborg, as the regional capital, is impressive and quaint. Here you may choose to visit Viborg Cathedral which was built in a Romanesque style between 1864 and 1876. Inside the Cathedral you will find large wall murals which were painted by Joakim Skougaard. You can also visit the Elmuseet (Electricity museum) or venture deep into the Limestone Mine at Daugbjerg Kalkgruber. Arhus should not be missed either. As the second Danish city, it has everything to offer. From museums and art galleries to gastronomically delightful restaurants and small breweries. Being in Denmark, hotels are of a particularly high standard.