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    The city of Skagen, Denmark is in the Nordjylland region of the country, on the northernmost tip of the Vendsyssel Thy. The city gets its name from the waters that lie between the North Sea and the Straits of Denmark. Those who come to this area come for the attractions, the history and the culture. No matter why you plan to come, do check out the discount hotels in Skagen, Denmark.Visitors come to enjoy the beaches or the turbulent seas in the area. Shipwrecks often occur in this area due to the rough seas. Visitors can visit Vippefry, one of the earliest lighthouses dating back to the 15th century. The Old Parish Church is still standing, though it is not in good condition. Another old church, the Buried Church is nearby. Both were victims of the desertification that occurred in the area through the 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors can also visit the Brondums Hotel, which is a historic building open for tours year round. To start planning your visit, check out the cheap hotels in Skagen, Denmark.