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    This region of Fyn is known as the “Garden of Denmark.” It is an area of greater population than most regions in Denmark - true now as in the past. Travelers come to Fyn hotels to visit the Fumen (Fyn) Archipelago and view their prehistoric monuments. Some arrive to hotels in Fyn on a river cruise and use the water routes to continue to explore the region. They will stay in Fyn cheap hotels to afford a tour longer than a weekend. Fyn can then show them its flower gardens, castles and manor homes. They can see from discount hotels Fyn and all it has to offer them.In Odense, visit the Hans Christian Andersen House, home to the famous author. Wander the Museum of Photographic Art in the former textile mill or see Odense University. If you have time, take in a concert at the Odense Koncerthus or go to the Fumen Art Gallery. Leave town and visit Svendborg or the Royal Castle at Nyborg. Check with for your best options in accommodations.