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    The Jutland Peninsula makes a Danish boundary for Germany. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy visiting more than one country from the Jutland Peninsula hotels. For a trip on the weekend, Jutland Peninsula sites and activities provide plenty to do. Hotels in Jutland Peninsula areas are convenient to the shorelines created by the North and Baltic Seas. You can enjoy boating, fishing or just sit at one of the shoreline cafes. When you feel energetic, the Schloß Gottorf is an enormous museum surrounded by a sculptured garden you can stroll.The Jutland Peninsula cheap hotels provide an opportunity to enjoy the area in style at reasonable rates. When you visit the area starting from one of the discount hotels, Jutland Peninsula activities are within easy reach. You can climb 240 steps at St. Petri Dom for a panoramic view of the area or admire the intricate altar carvings inside the church. The Jutland Peninsula has an active nightlight in both Schleswig and nearby Hamburg. You can find the perfect hotel through