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    The region of Syddanmark includes Funen, Rib and South Jutland. Some tourists arrive in Syddanmark hotels to visit Hårby with its plentiful wildlife. Others stay in hotels in Syddanmark so they can visit Sønderborg or Vejle. They remain for a weekend. Syddanmark then can show them everything from its museums to the home of Lego. Families may seek out in Syddanmark cheap hotels or discount hotels. Syddanmark then introduces them to Legoland. Legoland is in Billund where the founder of the company created the versatile toy.In Sønderborg, tourists can visit the island of Als with its sandy beaches. Its castle houses a museum. There are also the Palace Gardens. In Vejle, you should visit the Jelling Stones. In Vejle you can find an old Domincian Monastery Clock near the Town Hall. In St. Nicholas church, visitors flock to see the Bog Woman. She resides in a glass Empire style coffin. She dates from ca 500 B.C.