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Syddanmark is the south region of Denmark. It includes the southern most part of the Jutland peninsula, Funen island and an archipelago of many smaller islands. The regional capital is Vejle and this provides a good base to explore the rest of the South Jutland area. Odense is the largest city in the region and this is located on the Funen island. Germany lies to the south of the Jutland peninsula. This region will have something for everyone with a huge variety of attractions. To really explore Syddanmark, you should try to visit both South Jutland and the island of Funen. In South Jutland there are a huge number of attractions that are all quite close to Vejle. Asides from exploring the beautiful town itself, you may wish to venture out to Vejle Fjord, where you will find a number of popular beaches. There are two golf courses in the area, in Vejle itself and one in Jelling. You will find two zoos close by, one of which is dedicated more to lions (The Lion Park). Whilst in the area, you must take time to visit the original Legoland theme park. This is situated just 28 KM from Vejle, in Billund. Do spare time to visit Odense and Funen island. Odense was Hans Christian Andersons birth place and you will notice that the city is very proud of this fact. Odense has everything else a large city can offer.