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    If you are looking for a place to spend the weekend, Odense is a great choice. Odense hotels are smart and comfortable and almost all visitors are very satisfied with the hotels in Odense. If you are looking for discount hotels, Odense will not disappoint either, as there are a lot of this type of hotel in Odense. Cheap hotels tend to be located further from the centre of town but because Odense is so easy to get around, this will not be a significant problem. is a great place to plan your next trip to Odense.Odense is the third largest city in Denmark and is located close to the Odense Fjord which is a must see. You used to have to catch a ferry to Zealand and Funen but you can now use the Great Belt Bridge. Saint Knud’s Cathedral is a major attraction, as is Odense Palace and the Funen Village.