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      El Obelisco Details

      La Obelisca is a sculpture located in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It is the female statue that matches the male statue known as El Obelisco. It is found along the citys Malecon or boardwalk. La Obelisca was placed on the Malecon by Trujillo in 1941. Unlike El Obelisco, which was built to commemorate a re-christening, La Obelisca was built to make a statement that a long outstanding loan to the United States had been paid in full.La Obelisca is a beautiful statue of female form and should definitely been visited by the thousands of tourists who take a walk along the Malecon. The statue should be seen for its beauty as well as for its political significance. It is conveniently located along the Malecon which make it very easy for tourists to stop and appreciate the sculpture. The sculpture can be appreciated by tourists of any age.

      Address: Autopista 30 de Mayo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic