Hotels in Fray Anton de Montesinos

      Fray Anton de Montesinos Details

      The Fray Anton de Montesinos is located in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Fray Anton was a priest who is known historically for his protesting. He protested against the treatment of the natives of the Dominican Republic by the Spanish who were colonizing. This statue was made in recognition and remembrance of his historical significance. The statue stands at a height of 150 feet.

      The monument is located near the Malecon or the waterfront to the old city. This is a great way for tourists to understand the treatment and history of the Dominican Republic from a different view point. It is an important monument to recognize a man who was important in standing up for the islands original peoples. It is located in Santo Domingo which makes it a great side trip from seeing other sites in the bustling city. When traveling through the city of Santo Domingo the monument of Fray Anton de Montesinos should not be missed.

      Address: Francisco Alberto Caamano Deno Ave, Districto National, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic