Hotels in Punta Cana

            Punta Cana Details

            If you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, you may find yourself with a free weekend. Punta Cana is a great place to visit if you find yourself in this situation. Hotels in Punta Cana are superb and there are many discount hotels. Punta Cana has always been popular with the more discerning traveller and there are a lot of activities in Punta Cana. Cheap hotels can also be found if you are willing to shop around and do a little research. In this respect, can be very helpful. The Punta Cana marina is one of the most beautiful aspects of this resort and there are several exceptional golf courses. The Manati Park is a fun waterpark that the whole family can enjoy and if you fancy a spot of bowling, then you can always spend an evening in the Plaza Bolera Punta Cana. The Palma Real shipping centre in Bavaro is also a great place to get your retail therapy.