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Santiago de los Caballeros Details

Santiago de los Caballeros might be the nicest town in the entirety of the Dominican Republic to visit if you love to go to the beach or just to get away and relax on a vacation. The town of Santiago de los Caballeros has so many places to go it would be difficult to name all of them, so it is best to mention the most popular places to go: the Palacio de los Deportes-La Gran Arena del Cibao Oscar Gobaira, the Plaza International, and the Colinas Mall.All of the places to go shopping in the city are very nice but you can also visit the many museums in the city after you are done with all the shopping. Some of the nicest museums to visit include the Historic San Luis Fort Museum and the Museo Folklorico Yoryi Morel. All of these lovely museums and places of interest in the city are near the best hotels in the republic. The Santiago de los Caballeros hotels are all very nice but you will find the best deals on them at