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      Azuay is a province in the south central part of Ecuador. It comes under the Sierra region. It is dominated by the Andes mountains which run through the area. The capital of the province is Cuenca and here you can find examples of both 14th and 15th century architecture which dates back to when the Spanish Conquistadors settled in to the area. Other important cities in the province include Gualaceo, Paute and Sigsig. is just a click away from finding you budget hotel accommodation in Azuay.Azuay is a province with a lot to offer the inquisitive visitor. Cuenca has been referred to as The cultural capital of the Americas and when you visit, it is not difficult to see why. The city absolutely exudes charm and character throughout. You should aim to visit the Old Town where you will be swept away by the breathtaking architecture. UNESCO must have thought exactly the same as they have declared some parts of Cuenca to be World Heritage sites. There are a good number of museums and art galleries in Cuenca. Some examples include- Banco Central, Casa de la Cultura, Artes Populares de America and Arte Moderno. Travelling from your hotel in Cuenca, you should ensure that you visit the El Cajas Recreational Area which is reputed to be a part of Ecuador that offers truly outstanding natural beauty. Whatever you choose to do in this beautiful part of the world, you will be able to find discount hotel packages on in no-time.