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        Guayas is a province in Ecuador with much to offer its visitors. Make sure to check out the protected areas of the Churute Ecological Reserve or the Cerro Blanco Woodland Reserve. Here you can admire many rare and unique species of animals and birds as well as the mangrove forests. Here you can see the oldest burial site in all of South America. If you can, remain for more than a weekend. Guayas has many attractions, both natural and man-made. Be sure to spend some time in Salinas. This is a beach resort with safe, warm waters and powdery, clean sand. Salinas also boasts the Museo Salinas Siglo XXI, home of many artifacts of the pre-Columbian culture. There is also a small Museo de Ballenas featuring whale skulls and skeletons, as well as Aqua Adventure with its swimming facilities and water slides.