Hotels in Salinas

    Salinas Details

    Salinas is one of South America’s top tourist spots whether you wish to stay for a week or a weekend. Salinas also offers a lot of attractive facilities for tourists. If you are looking for a place to stay in Salinas, hotels will be your first bet. Hotels in Salinas have been built with the guest in mind and you will notice this as soon as you enter any good hotel in central Salinas. Cheap hotels are also in good supply and if you are looking for discount hotels, Salinas does have more than a couple of options, all of which you should be able to find on you like beaches, then Salinas is the perfect place to begin your vacation, as it is the starting point of Ecuador’s amazing route of the sun, which will take you a long all of the country’s best beaches. As well as this, you can enjoy whale-watching, with short boat trips out to the whales being offered on a regular basis. If you are interested in shipping, then the Naval Archaeological Museum will also be a next. The Valdivia culture museum is also definitely worth a visit as it shows you the local culture in its truest form.