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    Cairo is a region. It is also a city. Some even say Cairo is not only a presence, but also Egypt, itself. You cannot stay in Cairo region or city for only a weekend. Cairo deserves to be savored. The region offers much to explore, visit and see. Stroll through the Islamic quarter staring at the various ancient mosques. Alternatively, you can visit the Egyptian Museum a day in and of it self. Then there are the daytrips by camel or jeep to see the marvels that are the pyramids. You depart Cairo for Giza, Memphis, Abu Sir, Saqqara and Dahsur. There you can gaze at the step pyramid of Zozers Funerary Complex or the Bent and Red Pyramids, to name only a few. Cairo can then become a prolonged reality. You can visit the citys Museum of Islamic Art or the Mr. and Mrs. Mahumoud Kahlili Museum. There are Ottoman houses to stroll past and the Abdeen Palace at which to look. Cairo has Roman towers dating to AD 98 and the Al-Azhar Mosque dating from AD 970. In Cairo, the old remains and the new continues to be born.