Hotels in Al Rifa’i Mosque

    Al Rifa’i Mosque Details

    Al Rifai Mosque is among the other Mosques that can be found in Cairo and is adjacent to the Mosque of Sultan Hasan. The Al Rifai Mosque is a freestanding complex emulating the other Mosques of the area. The four facades, along with the dome and minaret were all constructed to represent the Marmluk style though the location of the Mosque along with the location of the Mosque, its near a zawiya, reflect the growing fascination with the European architecture of the 19th century. The Al Rifai Mosque was commissioned in 1869 and was completed in 1912.Visitors to Cairo enjoy the Al Rifai Mosque for its size and opulent. The Mosqe is about 65000 square meters with 1767 meters of that used for prayer. The mausoleum of Shaykh Ali al-RefaI can be found right inside the Mosque and is still frequented by those wishing for his blessing. The Al Rifai Mosque is very popular with tourists today.

    Address: El-Refaey, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt