Hotels in Fayoum Oasis

    Fayoum Oasis Details

    The Fayoum Oasis was a popular vacation destination among the ancient Egyptians and is still favored among modern day tourists. Lush vegetation and quaint villages can be found around the Fayoum Oasis along with Egypts largest salt water lake; the Quaroun. Peaceful and serene as this area is, the Fayoum Oasis is more known for its variety of worlds first.The first inhabitants of this region were nomadic who soon settled down and began agriculture. There are several Greek mummies with what is said to be the first true to life portraits painted on their sarcophagi which can be seen at the area museum. The first paved road is said to be here and is well over 4,500 years in age. Today, visitors can see any of these sights, enjoy the Oasis relaxing properties, or visit any of the vendors that can be found in the villages. The Fayoum Oasis can be reached through Cairo.

    Address: Fayoum, Taha Hussien Street, Al Fayyum 63121, Egypt