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    Practice makes perfect and this certainly holds true for the Pyramids of Giza. With such an impressive monument, there must have been plenty of practice involved. Starting with small tombs called mastabas, and then the Step Pyramid, the true realization of these attempts did not come to fruition until the Red Pyramid. Commissioned by Snefru, father of Khufu who lays claim to the greatest of the Great Pyramids, the Red Pyramid is a most impressive structure.Far more professional and polished in appearance then previous pyramids, the Red Pyramid reaches a modest height of 314 feet. Located in Dashur which was previously off limits to tourism, there are very few crowds to be found unlike other pyramids. This pyramid receives its name from the red stone casing that was once found on the surface. Dashur is a short distance from Saqarra and within driving range of Cairo. Tourists enjoy the lack of crowds though for those with feint hearts, a trip inside may not be as enjoyable.

    Address: Dahshur, Egypt