Hotels in Step Pyramid of Djoser

    Step Pyramid of Djoser Details

    Egypt is a place of grandeur and has been since the ancient times. This grandeur can clearly be seen in the tombs, monuments, and pyramids of the land. An example of this can be seen in The Step Pyramid at Saqqara which is revered to be the first of its kind and truly took Egyptian architecture to new heights. Imhotep is the architect of this Pyramid and designed it for the Pharaoh Djoser during the Third Dynasty.Made of limestone rather than the common mudbrick, the Step Pyramid revolutionized Egyptian monuments. This pyramid gave inspiration to the famed Pryamids of Giza which is regarded as the pinnacle of Egyptian architecture. Visitors can tour the Step Pyramid compound which is surrounded by pillars and smaller tombs called Mastabas. The complex is minutes away from local cities and accommodations so visitors that are staying in the capital city can easily travel to Saqqara. The Step Pyramid is a must see for those visiting Egypt and will enjoy the magnificent monument and its history.

    Address: Saqqara, Giza, Egypt