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    Egypt is a place of history. The monuments of ancient kings and rulers are in the open for all to see. Visitors are drawn to Cairo for this very reason. Here, the shades of the past do not shrink from the light of day but inspire and awe. This area is famous for such monuments and has been for a number of centuries. The Gates of the Old City is one of these historical places that rise above the streets.There were three of these gates commissioned between 1087 and 1092. They were designed by an Armenian from nearby Mesopotamia and featured magnificent stonework. Each of these gates is characterized by two towers with a curtain wall and gate way. The three gates are at Bab al-Nasr, Bab al-Futuh, and Bab Zuwayala. Iconic among the other fabulous architecture of Cairo, the gates of the old city stands out for its ancient origins and unique construction.