Hotels in Gulf of Aqaba

    Gulf of Aqaba Details

    As in so many regions along the coast and part of the Sinai Peninsula, travelers seek hotels in the Gulf of Aqaba for sun and fun. This is a land of beaches and water. You can sun bathe, swim or dive in the deep waters. Tourists stay in Gulf of Aqaba hotels and even Gulf of Aqaba cheap hotels so they can dive at Taba or explore the reefs off Tiran Island or Pharaoh’s Island. The Fjord is a cleft with underwater reefs popular with divers. Some prefer the Blue Hole or Jackson Reef. Check with for suitable accommodation. Try for discount hotels. The Gulf of Aqaba then becomes a more affordable vacation reality.Stay for more than a weekend. The Gulf of Aqaba can offer more than the beaches. You might also want to take part in a jeep or camel safari. Alternatively, you may visit Nabeq. Nabeq is famous for having the most northerly Mangrove forest in the entire world. Be sure to visit a Bedouin Village.