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    The Nile River is the source of life in Egypt. The Nile River Delta is home to the results of this influence. Tourists come to hotels in the Nile River Delta to see the sites of Coptic Christianity, the architecture of the ancient Pharaohs, the Great Pyramids and the ancient Mosques. Some arrive in their Nile River Delta hotels to wander the streets of Cairo. This, the largest city in both the Middle East and Africa, is home to distinct neighborhoods. It includes the Mosque of Mohammed Ali, a Roman Fortress, the Abdin Palace, the “Hanging Church” and the enormous Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Cairo, itself, requires more time than a weekend. The Nile River Delta, in its entirety, should be given a week to explore. To cut down on the cost, consider using to find Nile River Delta cheap hotels and discount hotels. The Nile River Delta then becomes a reasonable possibility for a leisurely stay.Around the city of Cairo, be sure to visit Rosetta (Rashid). It has distinctive mansions from the 18th and 19th centuries. This is home to the famous Rosetta Stone. In Tania, you can wander an archeological site. Stay long enough to take part in Egypt’s largest Harvest Festival.