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    Nuweiba is located on the southern tip of Sinai. A wonderful spot for a holiday, Nuweiba is encircled by a range of majestic mountains and partially outlined with clean and gorgeous, sandy beaches that are perfect for water sports and relaxing on the sand. You'll find that Nuweiba is not as developed as some of the other cities around it, such as Saint Katherine or Sharm el Sheikh. It is not quite as popular with tourists as it could be, as it is not as well known. This makes it a place for the select few who do know of its natural beauty and the congenial ways of the locals who live there. There are three parts to the town of Nuweiba. Nuweiba Tarabin has an oriental look and feel. The ruins of a Turkish fort are here, and the well inside the ruins have provided fresh water for many centuries. There are many restaurants and bazaars, and outdoor restaurants by the beach which are reminiscent of Bedouin tents.The Town is another part of Nuweiba. It was created in 1971 when Israelis occupied the area. More tourists come here than any other spot in Nuweiba. Nuweiba Town has a small park, a bakery, 1 bank, and a few stores like grocery stores, vegetable shops and bazaars, and of course the beach is also a drawing card. The Dunes connect Nuweiba Town and Nuweiba Port. They are further divided into two areas called Duna and Small Duna. Small Duna has most of the big hotels and such, while Duna has small hotels and restaurants as well as a few larger restaurants. Hotels in Southern Sinai Nuweiba are more easily located in some areas such as Small Duna, so can help you with finding a Southern Sinai Nuweiba hotel.