Hotels in Taba

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    If you are looking for a place on the Sinai peninsula to spend a weekend, Taba is probably a pretty good choice. This up and coming tourist destination spot is full of places to stay and Taba hotels are getting better all the time. It was not long ago that there were not hotels in Taba but now you can find not only discount hotles, Taba also has many Taba cheap hotels too. The Taba Hilton is also an option, this hotel being made famous when it was targeted by terrorists in October 2004, killing 34 people. The best place to get started if you are looking for places to stay in Taba, is to check out what is available on is located on the sleepy Sinai peninsula and just a few years ago, there was nothing there but desert and sand. However, drawn by the startling beauty of the Red sea, with its excellent swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling, it was inevitable that a tourist build up would take place. You can now stay in some of the most comfortable hotels in the world while in Taba, and enjoy the Egyptian hospitality and Bedouin culture that is all around you.