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        The governate of Suez (in Arabic Es-Suweis) is in the northeastern part of Egypt. Of course, the dominant feature is the Suez Canal, once hailed as a triumph of modern engineering, but often an object of controversy and conflict. The canal and the governate take their name from the city of Suez, which dates back to the Ptolemies, a dynasty whose last ruler was Cleopatra. Visitors at discount hotels in Suez will be pleased to discover that the residents of the city of Suez are well known for their friendliness.The main street of Suez is Sharia el-Geish. Here you can see the Convent of the Good Chapel Sisters which is in an imposing colonial-style building. There is a bazaar, and you can see a magnificent statue of the pharaoh Tuthmosis III. Local people swim in the canal and picnic on its banks. However, taking pictures of the canal is illegal, and security officers enforce the ban. There are beautiful beaches for swimming at nearby Ismailiya on Lake Timsah. This community goes back to Biblical time, and today it is a favorite Egyptian honeymoon spot. You can visit the Ismailiya Museum, which has artifacts from the Egypt of the pharaohs, as well as from the Greco-Roman period. For information on cheap hotels in Suez check for listings.