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Tallinn is city in Estonia and its capital. It's located on the Gulf of Finland on Estonia's northern coast. Tallinn is a city rich in culture and industry. You'll find many interesting tourist attractions in Tallinn, fine dining and a lively nightlife. Some of the attractions Tallinn offers are the Lutheran Cathedral, the Castrum Danorum and the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The Russian Empire period cathedral was constructed on a site that used have a statue of Martin Luther.Tallinn has many fun activities and events including their Old Town Days in June, where you'll see concerts, festivals, open weddings and more. Throughout the spring and summer, you'll find many Handicraft fairs in the old Town Hall square. Other sites in Tallinn include the St Olaf church tower, and "Fat Margaret", another famous Tallinn tower. Dining will be superb at any of the restaurants including Kloostri Ait, Restaurant Ő, or Kuldse Notsu Krts. Great lodging and fine dining play a large part in making a vacation perfect.