Hotels in Peter the Great's Cottage

Peter the Great's Cottage Details

Peter the Great, Czar of all the Russians frequently visited Tallinn. In this city, he built the sumptuous Kadriorg Palace for Catherine. This became the New Palace. He, himself, often stayed in the Old Palace. This is an unpretentious building at Mäekalda 2 in Kadriorg Park.The Old Palace is actually a summer cottage. Both Peter and Catherine I remained here during the early 18th century. Alexander I also spent some time there. It is unique, being one of the few of its type intact today. As such, it is a valuable piece of architectural history. Today, the house is a museum piece. Within, you can visit the various rooms as they would have appeared during the Tsarist era in Tallinn. There is a canopy bed, capable of swallowing a small elephant. A stroll through Peter the Greats cottage lets you see the various rooms and articles reflective of the time and the man. There is a living room, bedroom and dining room containing period furniture and articles. Portraits grace the wall, keeping the era frozen in time.

Address: Maekalda tn 2, Tallinn 10127, Estonia