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Discount hotels in Narva have a lovely view of the amazing Hermann Castle. The Hermann Castle, dating to the 13th century, was built by the Danes and was originally constructed of timber. The original stone structure was begun in the 15th century. When visiting the castle it is important to stop by the Long Hermann. The Long Hermann Tower is one of the countrys most important landmarks. Visitors lodging at cheap hotels in Narva will enjoy the view across the Narva River. They can take the opportunity to visit the Ivangorod Fortress built by Grand Prince Ivan III of Muscovy in 1492. Also of interest in this historic area of Estonia is the Kreenholm Manufacture situated near a beautiful waterfall area. The manufacture is one if the largest textile mills from 19th century Northern Europe. Along the way, tourists will enjoy viewing 17th century baroque buildings and mansions. These include the town hall and the remains of the Erik Dahlberg Fort.