Hotels in Järvamaa

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Järvamaa Details

Järvamaa, Estonia is located in the center region of the country. It is one of 15 counties in the country. Most of the region is made up of moors and swamp areas. Several springs run through the area as well, providing fertile soil to the region. This makes it an ideal agricultural region. Many come to the city for its nature reserves. Visitors to Turi Drumlin Landscape Reserve or the Vulbi Rare Plants Reserve can stay at one of the local, discount hotels in Järvamaa, Estonia.From rare birds to unique boulders and rock structures, Järvamaa has become a travel destination for those looking for the most bountiful natural location. In the region of Ambla, ancient oak trees can be found. There is talk of a secret river running through the region. Throughout the region are quaint cities where cultural events occur year round. Stay at one of the affordable hotels in Järvamaa, Estonia and enjoy the intimate and natural setting in this region of the country.