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The restorative and curing properties of the mud found in Haapsalu have been drawing visitors for years. This town in Estonia is directly situated on the edge of the Baltic Sea and for most of the year is very quiet, except during the summer months when tourist season hits it stride. Discount hotels in Haapsalu on are available with ocean views and can also be found close to some of the numerous festivals held during the summer time. Prime examples of these are the Old Music Festival and the August Blues Festival.There are many cheap hotels in Haapsalu near the Saint Nicholas Dome Church. It is a historical structure that artfully mixes both Roman and Gothic architecture styles. One of the most notable structures in the small town is the Old Bishop's castle. Because it is an open air venue there are a range of different concerts that take place there. People that visit the town also love taking walks on the Promenade and enjoy bird watching from the bird tower that is part of the Promenade path. Because the town actually sits on numerous waterways, it is also known as "Northern Venice" and it really adds to the overall character of the environment.