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Saare County (or Saare Maakond) is the most south-western county in Estonia. It has one urban municipality which is also the capital- Kuressaare. It also has 15 rural municipalities. It is made up of the main islands of Saaremaa, Muhu and other smaller islands. Another important town in the county is Mustjala. The countys islands are thought to have been inhabited for the past 8,000 years and have been fought over on a number of occasions. There is a maritime climate present within the area and this leads to relatively mild conditions. Discount Saare hotels are available as a base for you to explore this part of Estonia. Kuressaare is a town with a population of well over 30,000 people. There are a number of attractions within the area. These include the Saaremaa Regional Museum and Kuressaare Castle. There are a number of beautiful beaches throughout the area and if you travel 18 km out of Kuressaare, you will come to the site of the Kaali Lake which is believed to have originated after an impact from meteorites in the year 700 B.C. The county also has a large number of historical churches that will reveal even more of the areas history.