Hotels in Tartu County

    Tartu County Details

    Tartu County is a good sized county, which takes up almost 7 percent of Estonia territory. It has 19 rural areas and 3 areas that are urban. In a place with such diversity, you will find that there are many different activities and venues for you to explore and enjoy. Tartu County has eleven institutes of higher education, and so many of the visitors to this county have come here to visit a friend or a family member who is a student at one of these schools. Budget hotels in Tartu County are a great help to these people, as well as others who travel here for other reasons.Tartu Countys City of Tartu has a ballet company, and a large theater for opera and dramatic artistry. There are many museums and art galleries here as well that are quite popular with visitors. These include a toy museum, a sport museum, an aviation museum, and a living history museum. You do not want to miss the Old Believers villages on the edge of Lake Pepsi, for there is nothing else quite like them anywhere in Europe. Some of the cheap hotels in Tartu County are in the rural areas, while others are in the middle of the city. Let help you to find an inexpensive hotel for your next Estonia vacation.